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"One of the Best Affiliate Programs on the Internet"

Lawzilla Affiliate Program Details

Affiliates earn 50 percent of all subscription sales they refer.

This payment is recurring and not a one-time payment like many affiliate programs. This means you make money each month someone you refer remains a premium member of Lawzilla. The amount of money you can make is virtually unlimited.

Commissions are paid for monthly subscription sign-ups so long as you remain an affiliate. Payments are not made for any individual product or single item sales originated through Lawzilla.

Bonus Two-Tiered Payments

Affiliates are rewarded for sending new sign ups to the Affiliate Program. This reward is a generous 10 percent of each Sub-Affiliate's net. This means you earn 50% of your referred sales, and 10% of the direct sales that every new affiliate you refer generates. These payments are also on a recurring basis, paying month after month. As an example:
Affiliate 1 and Affiliate 2 have a one-to-one relationship with Lawzilla, but Affiliate 3 has no relationship.

If Affiliate 1 refers Affiliate 2 to Lawzilla, then Affiliate 1 will earn a bonus for sales from Affiliate 2.

If Affiliate 2 refers Affiliate 3 to Lawzilla, then Affiliate 2 will receive a bonus for sales from Affiliate 3. Affiliate 1 does not earn a percentage of sales from Affiliate 3.
Webmaster Referral Signup

Lawzilla uses a third party, CCBill, for the administration of its affiliate program. CCBill automatically handles affiliate registrations, calculations, and payments for thousands of websites. We selected their service because of their outstanding reputation and experience, and so you would know that a third party is responsible for ensuring you are promptly paid all owed commissions. If you have not yet signed up under a CCBill sponsored affiliate program you can

To load your current data, please enter your ID, username and password.

Current ID

Tracking Codes

After signing-up through CCBill, you will receive a unique affiliate ID number, something like 598506. This is your tracking number that must be in any referral links to Lawzilla so that CCBill can track your referrals and sales.

A sample affiliate link to Lawzilla would be:
You would of course replace the 598506 with your affiliate identification number. This tracking link can be attached to graphics, banners, and any text link you desire.

CCBill has powerful tracking and reporting tools and capabilities, and you can access your own affiliate account at any time to view your statistics, information, and of course profits.
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