How to Get Piece of Mind and a Good Night Sleep By Protecting Your Money in a Bank Account From a Lien and Levy by the IRS and Other Creditors

Must Have Information For Anyone Subject to Getting a Bank Account Levied Upon

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Between the IRS and the state I was getting levied every other week and literally did not have any money to live on.

Since using these strategies not only is my money safe (although I’m still paranoid and don’t keep much in my account) but they have stopped the levies. After getting nothing from the levies it looks like they have given that up! You have saved my family from being destroyed.”

Who This is For …

Need to avoid an:

* IRS bank levy
* FTB bank levy / Franchise Tax Board bank levy
* State bank levy
* Creditor bank levy

The information in this guide was originally written by a California attorney to protect against levies from the California Franchise Tax Board and references a sneaky California law the FTB uses to grab money from bank accounts.

These strategies should work in any state. Most of the strategies also work against the IRS.

If you owe a judgment and a creditor could levy on your bank account – these methods work great.

Bank Levies Are Like Drone Warfare

Bureaucrats and creditors love bank levies. Someone is sitting at their desk sipping their morning coffee and deciding when you are most likely to have money in your account. They push a button on a computer and a request is automatically sent to seize your money. It’s like drone warfare. High-fives are handed-out when a big strike is made. Once money is found from a levy they come back over and over and over until you are bled dry and destitute.

Bank levies can take everything in your account. 100% of your money.

This isn’t a wage garnishment where you can often protect most or all of your wages.

Get this …

If your wages are protected from garnishment a creditor can still seize ALL of your wages as soon as they are deposited in a bank account.

Doesn’t matter if you need to buy milk and bread, pay the utilities, or need gas, once the money is seized you’ll probably never see it again. Paying an attorney to fight a levy often costs more than the levy and will probably not work anyway.

Losing sleep and worried about getting an ulcer – and how to pay for food and a roof over your head? Every time you turn around there is another freakin’ levy.

Instead of getting whacked with a cash sucking levy every couple weeks we have an innovative strategy and easy solution for you.

We can’t eliminate your debt, but you can prevent your hard earned cash from being grabbed by some bureaucrat at the IRS or Franchise Tax Board. The one who doesn’t give a crap about you when he laughs and presses a button that automatically sends out levies on your bank account.

You are not going to read this anywhere else.

Certainly not from many attorneys.  Often all they just want to do is pick your pocket for several thousand more dollars so they can go to bat on your behalf.  Hello —  If you had that kind of dough you wouldn’t be in this position.

Right now, every dollar is precious and we’re here to help you get through this crisis.

Imagine having more peace of mind and more cash in pocket to pay needed expenses. The fact is, you need your money more than the state. A tax levy can just wait. So can the IRS.

There’s a “secret system” that can quickly and legally be used.  A few savvy attorneys know about this, but until now knowing how the system works and can be used in your favor was only available to a select few.

This is what you are going to get in your Special Report:

* The Strategy needed to quickly get a bank account that is not levied on.

* Step by step instructions to follow.  From start to finish you can be done in an hour.

* Discover the Shocking California Law that feeds your personal and financial information to the government – which your bank is PROHIBITED from telling you about.

* The “loophole” which lets you create new identities almost at will.

* We have added a SECOND STRATEGY making use of new method that can be even easier to avoid creditors.

* Another related strategy has also been added so you can have safe access to your money.

With this new method you will be shocked at how easy this is to do and will wonder why you didn’t do this earlier.

Save your money.

Get peace of mind and sleep at night.

Have a usable bank account.

Do it today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do I need an attorney to do this?
Answer: No. You can easily do this yourself. The second strategy is really easy and not something you would ever think of needing an attorney to do.

Question: Is this legal?
Answer: 100 percent.

Question: Will this eliminate my tax debt?
Answer: No. The purpose of what you are about to read is not eliminating your tax or other debt, but preventing a creditor from being able to take cash from your bank account.

Question: Will the FTB or IRS know what I am doing?
Answer: No, not unless you tell them. Even then there may be nothing they can do to prevent these strategies from working.

Question: The FTB just levied my bank account. Can I use this to get my money back?
Answer: No. You need to use this strategy before the next levy issues to prevent the next levy from taking more of your money.

Question: Do I need to be a California resident?
Answer: No.

Question: Can I still work out a payment plan?
Answer: Yes. One problem, as you may have already found out, is the government is notoriously difficult to deal with and untrustworthy. We have seen revenue agents commit outrageous illegal acts, repeatedly lie, and do whatever they can to collect. If you can get a payment plan great. You should ALSO use these strategies to protect yourself, especially when the day comes that you are unable to make a payment.

Question: Do I get notified a levy is being issued?
Answer: No. Usually before the first one you do, but then you only find out when it is too late – after your money has been taken. Your money will be levied without notice.

Question: How often can the franchise tax board levy a bank account?
Answer: As often as the FTB wants. As a practical matter the franchise tax board levies every couple weeks and evaluates how much of your money was taken. The FTB can, if it wants, levy every day. If the FTB believes there is money in an account a levy will issue. Games can be played where a levy is issued a few days after a prior levy because after the first one hits you think you are safe for awhile and put money in your account – a common belief the FTB can exploit.

Question: Will this cost a lot of money to do?
Answer: No, it will not cost anything. Only the report costs a nominal investment. Implementing the strategies does not have to cost anything.

Question: Can a business do this?
Answer: Yes. This works for both individuals and businesses.

Question: Will this work for a savings account?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Will the FTB or IRS give me some of the money back due to hardship?
Answer: Ha ha. Good one. Forget what is supposed to be allowed, the reality is cold. We know of an agent who told someone paying taxes was a higher priority than buying food. Imagine the sob stories they laugh about in their cubicles. This time, after using one of these strategies, you will be the one laughing.

Question: Can the FTB and IRS take all my money?
Answer: Yes. The levy can take 100 percent of all the money you have in the account.

Question: Can the FTB and IRS issue a levy and garnish my wages?
Answer: Yes. First they garnish a portion of your wages. Then they issue a levy on your bank account to take the rest. This is how the government can take 100 percent of everything you have. There is no percentage limit on how much money can be taken from your bank account.

Testimonials From Others Who Protected Their Money

Here’s what users have said about this loophole (all names have been withheld for obvious reasons):

“Excellent report – guess what I am doing tomorrow? ;-)

Everyone should have a back-up plan…or 6……this makes it very easy and cost effective …”


“Just purchased!

Excellent information. ”


“The info on the … structure is something I had never considered…this is stupidly simple, yet amazing.

Anyone considering this should buy it now before he raises the price … to where it should be.”


“[You] should be charging at least $500 for this.

Seriously, if I had to talk to my attorney about this stuff I’m certain I’d rack up at least that much in billable hours and research (probably a whole lot more).”


“Tax levies were killing me. Now I have a Chase account that is secure and I laugh every time I hear a levy was issued. This is so amazing I cannot believe it. I am stunned at how easy this was and how well it works.”


“If you are losing money to FTB or IRS tax levies you can’t afford not to get this.”


“Thank you!!! It is wonderful having a bank account I can use and keep money in. This has saved my life.”


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P.S. – This is the only strategic guide you will find to quickly, easily, and legally get around a bank account levy in California.

P.P.S. – If you are not in California and want to avoid tax levies on your bank account these strategies will work for you too.  The new and “shocking” California law that feeds banking information to the government will probably soon be coming to your state.


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