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Debt Consolidation Reviews

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You Need Help With Your Debt and Not Another Scam

There are many websites offering debt consolidation services. Many of these sites are scams, engage in illegal activity, give false hope by promoting inaccurate or fraudulent information, and rip-off people who can least afford to be scammed. Before you utilize any debt consolidation service it is critical that you know your options, rights, and whether you can trust the persons operating the website to act in your best interests.

Unfortunately, you could spend weeks evaluating services trying to avoid being ripped-off. Professional looking websites can be created in an afternoon by a boilerplate money-stealing operation.

Disclaimer: No recommendation or endorsement of any website, product, or service is made. Websites and/or the information on a website can change at any time. You should do your own research and verify for yourself information about a business before making any purchase. Last review: November 1, 2003

Debt Consolidation Services

Website Address
Your Cost Broker Fee Disclosed License Disclosure Secure Website
competitionlending.com Yes Not stated No No No
consumercredit.com Yes $39 + $3 monthly No No Yes
freedomdebtrelief.com No Not stated No No No
kimberlycredit.com Yes Not stated No No Yes
legaldebthelp.com No Not stated No No No
lendingtree.com Yes None Yes Yes Yes
loanweb.com Yes None No No Yes
nodebt.com No Not stated No No No

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