Federal Wage Garnishment

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A wage garnishment is any legal or equitable procedure through which some portion of a person's earnings is required to be withheld by an employer for the payment of a debt. Most garnishments are made by court order. Other types of legal or equitable procedures include IRS or state tax collection agency levies for unpaid taxes and federal agency administrative garnishments for non-tax debts owed the federal government.

Wage garnishments do not include voluntary wage assignments - that is, situations in which employees voluntarily agree that their employers may turn over some specified amount of their earnings to a creditor or creditors.

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  • Which Federal law regulates wage garnishment?

  • To whom does the law apply?

  • What is the protection against discharge when wages are garnished?

  • What are the restrictions on wage garnishment?

  • What about child support and alimony?

  • Are there any exceptions to the law?

  • What about non-tax debts owed Federal Agencies?

  • Example wage garnishment calculations

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