Signature Liability

How to Sign Business Contracts Without Being Personally Liable

This is a topic you may have never thought about - signature liability.

If you are part of a corporation or limited liability company and sign a contract, the company is the one responsible for the contract.


Not necessarily.

You may be personally liable too.

Attorney Brian Kindsvater saw a recent case where the President of a corporation signed a $100,000 contract. But because he signed it 'wrong' the other party was able to sue the corporation and the President personally. His personal assets were at risk!

That prompted the creation of this special report.

Once you know the rules this is a simple problem to avoid.

But if you do not know the rules the result can be catastrophic.

A corporation or LLC is supposed to provide asset protection for individuals not responsible for company debts. Don't voluntarily destroy that protection by signing your contracts wrong.

This brief guide shows you the right and wrong ways to sign a business contract.

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Signature Liability
How to sign business contracts without incurring personal liability.

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