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California - Paying Employees blue table border
Direct Deposit
Final Paychecks
Mileage Reimbursements
Minimum Wage
Out of State Payroll Checks
Paid Time Off
Piece Rate Pay
Rest Breaks
Vacation Pay
Voting Pay
Wage Deduction - Employee Damages
Sale of Business = Employee Discharge

California - Employment Issues blue table border
Breast Feeding
English Only Rules
Literacy Assistance
Non-Compete Agreements
Paid Family Leave
Sexual Harassment Training
Smoking in Workplace

California - Tort Issues blue table border
Dog Bites
How Long Does A Person Have To File A Lawsuit in California?
What to do if you're in a car accident?
Preparing for Earthquakes

California - General Business blue table border
Bad Checks
Cash Payments
Preventing Credit Card Abuse - Anti-Fraud Strategies
Gift Certificates
Dr. Ebiz - Helping Small Business Succeed Online
Internet Marketing Tips
Web Marketing Checklist - 29 Ways to Promote your Site
8-Step Formula for Writing Long Copy
Email Marketing aka Spam
Fax Marketing aka Unsolicited Faxes aka Junk Faxes
Using official stationary or implying government approval
Using words Made in USA or Made in America
How long business records should be kept
How to develop a privacy statement without hiring a lawyer
Website Disclaimers
Anti hacking tips for home based online business

Federal - Employment Discrimination blue table border
Disability Discrimination
Age Discrimination
Compensation Discrimination
National Origin Discrimination
Pregnancy Discrimination
Religious Discrimination
Race Discrimination
Binding Arbitration of Discrimination Disputes

Federal - EEOC blue table border

Federal - Harassment blue table border
Vicarious Employer Liability for Supervisor's Acts
Small Business Employer Vicarious Liability

Federal - Americans with Disabilities Act blue table border
EEOC Questions and Answers
Employer Responsibilities
Employee Rights
Definition of Disability
Pre-Employment Disability Related Inquiries
Disability and Service Retirement Plans
Disability Related Tax Provisions

Federal - Retaliation blue table border
EEOC Compliance Manual

Federal - Other blue table border
Wage Garnishment
Freelancing and Working from Home
Quick Guide to Operating Small (S) Corporations

Federal Tax Center blue table border
Mileage Reimbursements

Business Resources blue table border
Online EIN Application
Convert Alphabetic Phone Numbers to Numerals
Currency Converter

General Legal blue table border
Lawzilla Wiki
US Code
Federal Regulations
Federal Register

Consumer Services blue table border
Credit Repair
Debt Consolidation
Credit Cards & Identity Theft - Online Fraud
Identity Theft: How to Protect Yourself
Debt Collection of Old Debts
10 Credit Myths
Personal investment and financial advice
Work at Home Scams
The 7 Signs of a Scam
Online Gambling
Online Viagra Sales

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