Alligator Laws

Quick Summary

In the aftermath of the much publicized death of a two year old at Walt Disney World from an alligator, and seeing a reminder that Disney once let Peter Pan feed Captain Hook to a crocodile, we decided to do a quick review of state laws governing alligators.

For this research (done July 2016) we did not check every state, but only a few with tropical conditions that may be hospitable to gators, and listed what seem to be highlights of state laws.

Alabama Alligator Laws

Persons can engage in the alligator farm business to sell live alligators, or parts or skins, for food or any purpose, both for sell in Alabama and to other states. Sections 9-12-201 and 9-12-204.

Persons have property rights to lawfully possess an alligator or parts. Section 9-12-205.

$5 license to sell canned alligator parts or for a restaurant to sell alligator meat. Section 9-12-206.

No person can take or possess alligators, parts, skins or eggs except as provided by law. Section 9-12-211.

California Alligator Laws

No alligator farms allowed for the use and sale of alligator meat or hides. Fish and Game Code section 5062.

Starting in 2020, it will be illegal to sell any dead alligator, or part of an alligator, or to even possess an alligator or part with the intent to sell it. - Penal Code section 653o(b)(1).

Florida Alligator Laws

No person can take or possess an alligator or alligator egg without being issued an alligator license. Section 379.3751(1)(a).

Alligators taken in the wild must be tagged. Section 379.3752.

No person can intentionally capture, injure, possess or kill an alligator except as permitted by commission rules. Section 379.409.

A license is required to be a dealer in alligator hides. Section 379.364.

Louisiana Alligator Laws

The sale of alligators and their parts is recognized as a vital part of the state's economic base. Section 279.

An alligator hunting license costs $25. Section 251.A.(2)(a)(i).

An alligator parts dealer license costs $50. Section 263.

Alligators and alligator skins cannot be sold out of state. Section 253.A.

Alligator hunters and farmers cannot take alligators or skins out of state, such as for taxidermy purposes, without appropriate tagging and complyng with regulations of the pertinent commission. Section 253.C.

No white or albino alligator can be taken from the wild. Section 280.

No one can take or possess alligators, their eggs or skins, except as provided by rules and regulations of the commission. Section 261.

Mississippi Alligator Laws

The Hunting and Fishing Commission can regulate the taking of alligators. A license is required for all sport hunting. A special permit is required to hunt or possess an alligator for commercial reasons. Section 49-7-47.

Texas Alligator Laws

Alligators can be hunted using vehicles, aircraft and boats. Parks and Wildlife Code section 62.003(a).

No person can take, sell, purchase or possess an alligator egg, alligator, or part of an alligator, except as permitted by regulations issued by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission and pursuant to a permit. Parks and Wildlife Code sections 65.005 and 65.006.

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