Lawzilla Page Removal Request

Lawzilla contains thousands of pages, including numerous court rulings in its blog.

Although the court rulings are public records, we have had a couple people ask that posts be removed because they did not like what happened in their case.

In one case the court had made the first ruling in the state we were aware of about a new law, and it cost her attorney about $144,000 in fees.

In the other case the person sued, received a massive lawsuit in response, and ended up paying six figures in damages, punitive damages, and also now has a criminal action against them.

Both requests took up a lot of time, and both seemed particularly newsworthy, so we have created this page and policies.

Removal Fee for Pages Mentioning Persons and Businesses

$47 fee

In the removal request please specify the url of the page.

A request that there is a page mentioning you will not suffice. We will not search through thousands of pages trying to guess which one you are looking at. There is no refund if you do not provide the page url.

If you forget to include the page when ordering or have a problem don't worry - please use our Contact Page to let us know you paid and which page you were requesting.

On the PayPal order form look for the link to Add Special Instructions to Seller

This is where you add the url. You do not have to include Just the page name. For example: john-doe-v-jill-brown.html


Sometimes PayPal does not let us know a payment has been made so this will help make sure we are aware of your request. Thanks!

Removal Fee Requested by Attorneys or for Pages About Attorneys

$250 fee

The court rulings indicate $250 is on the low side of what attorneys charge and this constitutes but one hour of time.

Usually, if an attorney is mentioned it is because they are being sanctioned and/or committing some misconduct others may want to know about.

Time for Removal

Page removal should normally occur within 24 hours.

However, due to weekends, holidays, vacations, other events etc., please allow up to 10 business days to see the page removed.

This is not an automated process. We need to manually process your request, locate the page, identify any internally linking pages, and remove it from public access.

Removal is Not Guaranteed

You can request removal of a page, but in our sole discretion we will decide what is on our website.

If we decline to remove a page your fee will be refunded. (But see the next section for an unfortunate exception.)

Please, Don't be a Jerk

We had someone demand a court ruling, apparently mentioning him (Michael Glintzer) be removed or he was going to file a lawsuit.

Since we had to have our attorney tell him the First Amendment protects the publishing of public court rulings, we revoked his right to request a removal. If you would rather threaten paying hundreds or thousands of dollars in court and legal fees to file a frivolous lawsuit, instead of $47, then you don't get a page removal and if you later pay the $47 after being a jerk it is forfeited and there will be no refund.

There is no Block on Future Information Being Posted

Assume you are sanctioned in a court hearing in January, the ruling is on Lawzilla, you request removal, and we remove it.

Later, in June you are sanctioned again in a different hearing. You can pay a second fee to request removal of the second ruling.

The initial fee does not create a permanent block on anything about you. In most situations, we have no idea the second ruling is about you and cannot differentiate between people with the same or similar names.

We will not intentionally repost information that has been previously removed. If, for some reason a re-post happens, let us know and we will refund anything paid.

What is Removed

The page from is removed from public access.

We cannot remove documents and records from the court or other websites.

If you are concerned about what is found on Google or another search engine, once the page is removed any Lawzilla reference or link on Google will be to a deleted page. Google should then figure out the content is gone and remove its reference.

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